Wall Painting and elements of installation

Painting does not have a specific smell apart from oil paint when it is still fresh. Sometimes, I think that I would like my drawings to transmit a nice smell, not an artificial fragrance necessarily, but something like "a smell" so that the viewer physically senses the ambiance of my work rather than just understanding it only with the conscious parts of our mind. My work is still a work in progress. So far, I have defined its basic characteristics: Lines, rectangular shapes, repetitive motives. All these lead to planned structuring as well as to a shallow imaginary space, but yet everything is open to experiment. The game of Art is always trial and error or a mixture of mistakes and surprises. 


MA Project:  The construction of a line.

Putting a line in a space is not an easy task. It needs physical effort, a good eye because you cannot measure everything, and a sense of continuity which is transmitted through various shapes and drawing combinations. The result is a harmonious organization of rectangular parts within the whole, following in general terms, either the structure of the grid or having other optical characteristics. A line above the surface of the ground  and below the level of the horizon can create reasonable limits or can extend our view with its continuity. It would be nice to put yourself in front of "it" and have the feeling that you are in "it".